Are You Low on Magnesium?

The Strength of the Supplement.
Magnesium is an important mineral required for the healthy functioning of our nervous system, cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, metabolism and for healthy daily energy levels.

The true strength of a Magnesium supplement is determined byhow much elemental Magnesium is bioavailable from your supplement. This may be different from how much total ingredient is listed on the label (Magnesium plus the saltor ligand it is bound to)
For example: Magnesium orotate contains approx. 7% Magnesium (and 93% orotic acid), so 1000mg of Magnesium orotate contains only 70mg of ‘elemental’ Magnesium, which is far less than the “therapeutic” dose.

By carefully considering all the clinical evidence and understanding how Magnesium is most efficiently absorbed and utilized by the body, your practitioner will be able to recommend an excellent quality, therapeutic Magnesium which has been clinically proven to improve Magnesium levels fast.
Lack of magnesium can create major problems

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Muscular Health

Magnesium is essential for normal neuro-muscular function. suffer severe afternoon slumps and extreme fatigue, it might also be a hidden sign of metabolic dysfunction

Heart Health

Magnesium intake decreased blood pressure levels in several, but not all clinical trials. Magnesium inversely associated with risk of stroke.ntake of Magnesium inversely associated with risk of stroke.  

According to a CSIRO study approximately 50% of Australian men and 39% of Australian women are not getting enough Magnesium in their diet.

Women's Health

Increased rate of preterm births.Increased preterm labour,reduced birthweight
Frequent leg cramps, More pregnancy induced hypertension

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